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E3 2013: Bayonetta 2 Preview

Marcus Estrada

If there was one game nobody would expect to come to the Wii U it was most certainly Bayonetta. Of course, gamers were rightly shocked to hear that a sequel was coming to that very device.


Now that we“re aware of it, the multiplayer mode, and most importantly, Bayonetta“s new hairdo, we must appraise whether or not the game is as good as the original.




I can“t pretend to know everything about Bayonetta 2 just yet, but giving the demo a spin at Nintendo“s E3 booth help gave me an idea of where it“s going. So far, the game has all the hallmarks of the first, still gorgeous graphics, and a new play mode possible only on Wii U. Here“s my thoughts on the upcoming title.


If you were worried that Bayonetta has been toned down for her Nintendo debut then you“d be dead wrong. The game still includes plenty to be seen during Bayonetta“s transformations as well as incredibly unorthodox camera angles. Even with her new poncho made of hair, you“re still treated to lovely visuals such as when the poncho fans out to act as wings for Bayonetta to fly around with.


The original game was downright gorgeous and included many flourishes like these. All of this design savvy appears intact and even amplified at parts, which sometimes makes it even harder to see what“s going on. Of course, that sometimes proved an issue in the original game too. However, even if you never know how to actually play, it“s likely you“ll be able to pull off kick-ass combos all the same.




Those who abhor mashing controller buttons may choose to play through the game using the new GamePad mode. The entire game can be played in this way using only touch screen functionality. Bayonetta 2 appears on both the TV and GamePad screen and you tap on enemies, user interface icons, or paths to make Bayonetta fight, use a special weapon/item, or move about the level.


It ends up being an incredibly simple way to play the game. All you really ever need to do is press on a character to have her wail away at enemies. Combos are much easier to pull off, and especially so if you choose the easiest difficulty. The only problem with this mode seems to be that it can be hard to see the enemies considering the screen is not terribly large. Your hand will also cover up boss enemy HP if you“re right-handed or items if you“re left-handed.




The mode is very, very easy although Nintendo didn“t allow players to choose a higher difficulty setting than “easy”. Hopefully there will be harder difficulties available on the GamePad mode to make it a truly interesting mode for big fans of the series and not just new players. For the most part, though, it seems most should simply gravitate to standard controls for Bayonetta 2.

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