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E3 2014: Hands-On with Kirby and the Rainbow Curse

Marcus Estrada

Kirby is one Nintendo character that seems to only grow more adorable with time. Kirby and the Rainbow Curse might very well be the most attractive version of the plump, pink fellow yet. Settled on Wii U, this game turns the world of Kirby into one that appears completely comprised of clay. Longtime fans should also be excited that this appears to be a prettier rendition of Kirby: Canvas Curse.


In keeping with series standards, his latest adventure is a 2D platformer. There are some tweaks thanks to Kirby and the Rainbow Curse“s implementation on Wii U, though. First, you“ll end up spending most of your time watching the GamePad instead of TV set. This is because you“ve got to control Kirby very carefully via taps on the character or by drawing rainbow platforms to guide him around.




Double tapping Kirby causes a speed boost which is useful to best foes as well as break through normal blocks. Holding the stylus down on Kirby for a bit charges a stronger boost for tougher walls. There“s even a special ultimate boost which makes Kirby totally overpowered as he flies through absolutely everything. For all these boosting features, you“ll still practically need to hold hands to get Kirby where you want. This is handled via the rainbow paths that you draw.


By drawing straight lines, curves, and loops you can make Kirby handle any stage. Sometimes all you need to draw is an incline to get over low barriers. Other times you“ll simply want to make wobbly pathways to nab collectibles. And hey, making Kirby run about in a loop is fun enough even without a gameplay specific reason. You could probably get accustomed to poking Kirby and drawing lines while looking at a TV screen but it wouldn't“ be nearly as easy as devoted GamePad attention.




The only sad aspect of being so GamePad-focused is that you really miss out on some of the game“s inherent beauty. Although the clay look is fully viewable on GamePad, there was something especially fantastic about seeing it in larger form. I would always rush to look at the screen after finishing an area to catch a glimpse of the visuals in their ideal presentation. At least spectators will get a great show!


In any case, Kirby and the Rainbow Curse is still a ways away with release pegged for sometime in 2015.

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