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EA buys Respawn Entertaiment after Nexon makes an offer, new Titanfall in development

Jason Clement

It's official: Respawn Entertainment -- known for the Titanfall series -- has been bought by Electronic Arts for over $400 million. The move was precipitated by an offer that was made by Nexon -- which published a mobile Titanfall game -- to acquire the studio. Apparently, EA had a clause with Respawn where it had first right of refusal, giving them the opportunity to buy Respawn before Nexon did.


Also worth noting: EA shut down Visceral Games just a few weeks ago, and while there are reports as to why it happened, this may be another wrinkle to the whole situation. Kotaku's Jason Schreier laid out the timeline of events on Twitter, and it's not hard to conclude that EA being pressed into buying Respawn might have been one of the biggest factors that went into Visceral's closure.



So why was it necessary for EA to buy Respawn, aside from the studio being a talented developer? Schreier pointed out that it was likely in large part because Respawn owns the Titanfall IP, which is fairly valuable to EA considering that they published the series' first two entries.


In other news, it was also announced that Respawn is now working on a new Titanfall game and a VR title. These are in addition to a Star Wars game that's in development, so the studio has its hands quite full these days. Considering Titanfall 2 came out last year, it's likely we won't see any of these games for another year or two at least.


Source: Fortune


What are your thoughts on EA buying Respawn Entertainment?

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I hate this so much! In many ways I felt TF2 suffered because of EA’s influence. They dumbed down much of what made the first game so special all in hopes of stealing the COD crowd. Then they release it between Battlefield and COD, with support and marketing clearly stronger for Battlefield. In many ways I felt EA sabatoged Titanfall 2 and never really wanted it to succeed against their behemoth that is Battlefield. 


EA is notorious for buying and then closing studios, I’m quite sure them buying Respawn was a contributing factor to the closing of Visceral. I always thought it was strange that EA was letting a studio they didn’t own develop a Star Wars game. Well, now they can control the development of Respawn’s Star Wars game, and as long as EA owns publishing rights of Star Wars, we will never get the game we are looking for. 


I’m not as involved with Respawn anymore, but there are some nice and talented people working there, and I worry about their future. However, it doesn’t surprise me Vince Zampella sold out. If you look back on his career there is a real pattern there, I seriously doubt Activision was the only side in the wrong back when he was leading Infinity Ward. I’ll stop there, but I don’t think Vince is a good person, he’ll be right at home at EA.

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