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EA Working On "Single Identity" for Gamers

Marcus Estrada

Have you ever been annoyed by all the accounts you have across websites and services that don't connect in any way? If you have hoped for more connectivity between your web presence then EA has been working on just the thing for you. For nearly two years, the company has been working on a way to connect various online identified together for a more streamlined service as a "single identity".


This was all discussed exclusively with VentureBeat by EA's chief technology officer Rajat Taneja. The hope is that this single identity shall follow players across PS3, 360, Facebook, Origin, and other places. With it, gamers would be able to see their friends regardless of whether or not they have them added to that particular service. From there, they could initiate a multiplayer game or chat. Of course, EA doesn't have control of Sony, Microsoft, or Facebook, so it is a feature that will only exist with EA games themselves.


Taneja explained the plans as such:


“All of our games will enable types of experiences that are congruent and consistent on the PC, consoles, smartphones, and tablets. We have a complete re-architecture of our data systems that gives us a single view of the data.


It used to take one or two days before we could make a recommendation, but now we can do so on an hourly basis and are moving to real time. We can do better custom offers, promotion, and reaction to gamer feedback.”


There is no intent to obscure the benefits that such a restructuring of architecture will do to benefit EA. Obviously having information on users across multiple platforms and networks grants EA more access to your consumer profile of sorts. With this information they will attempt to target players with special offers. More is probably in the works but has yet to be discussed.



Do you need to have unified friend networks or are things fine just the way they are?

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