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Earth Defense Force 4 Announced for 2013 U.S. Launch

Marcus Estrada

D3 Publisher is set to please fans of insect destruction games today as they just announced that Earth Defense Force 4 is being localized for the American audience. The game will be renamed to Earth Defense Force 2025 to better connect it how the games are titled for this region. Fans should expect to see the game launch on both PS3 and 360 in 2013.


If you are a player who was not quite as happy with EDF: Insect Armageddon as EDF 2017, then you'll be glad to know that EDF 2025 is developed by Sandlot. Sandlot of course has been the group behind almost every EDF game (except for Insect Armageddon). The game will also include four player multiplayer for extra bug stomping action.


So now that makes two EDF games which will be gracing our shores in the future. In September, the Vita version was announced for localization, with later news pinning the release date sometime during winter.


Here are some screenshots of Earth Defense Force 2025:



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