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Ex-Epic President Mike Capps No Longer Affiliated With the Company

Jason Clement

Back in December, Epic Games president Mike Capps announced that he would be retiring and handing off his presidential duties due to his burgeoning family life with a new baby on the way. He mentioned that he would continue on as an advisor and a member on the Epic board of directors.


So it was quite a surprise earlier tonight when Capps announced via Twitter that he was no longer affiliated with Epic in any way. Polygon reports that Capps made this statement through a Facebook update today:


"When we announced that I wanted to transition out of my leadership role at Epic, the plan was for a continued but less active role, service on the board of directors, and ideally, being that eccentric semi-retired guy who still comes to playtests and gold parties. I'm sad to say that plans have changed, and as of February 11th, I'm no longer affiliated with Epic Games."


He also mentions that he'll remain a member of several video game industry boards and serves as "an advocate for our art in Washington." In addition, he's considering seats on a few companies and advisory boards, as well as options for teaching at a world class university in the North Carolina triangle area.


The news comes after famed developer Cliff Bleszinski left Epic Games back in October of last year. His departure also was quite a shock to the industry as he was the face of Epic to many fans, especially due to his ties with the popular Xbox 360-exclusive Gears of War franchise. Though Capps and Bleszinski have both stated their own reasons for leaving Epic Games, it remains unclear whether there is some new factor in the company that prompted them to exit or if their departure was merely a coincidence in timing.


Source: Twitter, Polygon


Are you surprised to hear that Mike Capps is no longer affiliated with Epic?

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