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Final Fantasy VII PC Re-Release is Official

Marcus Estrada

If you've been following rumors lately then you'll have probably caught wind that a Final Fantasy VII re-release was possible. Today, Square Enix has officially launched the site and announced that this is the real deal.


It's not the remake that so many fans clamor for day in and day out, but it should still appease those who are interested in playing the game again (or for the first time). The game originally was out in 1997 for PS1 and then '98 for PC. No doubt that PC version isn't the easiest thing to find or run on modern machines so this re-release should fix that up.


Why should anyone buy Final Fantasy VII today if it's not even remade? There are now achievements, cloud saves, and "character booster". This allows you to increase your HP, MP, or gil when you can't otherwise. Although there's little specifics, it almost sounds like some sort of F2P-style scheme where you invest real money to get an edge.


No release date has been set yet but there was a trailer posted for the announcement:



Do you think you might buy the re-release?

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