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Final Fantasy XIV Finally Hitting PS3 with a Collector's Edition

Marcus Estrada

Final Fantasy XIV was in an incredibly tight spot when it launched back in 2010. Although it looked far better than the previous online title (Final Fantasy XI), it was met with widespread negativity. Due to the vast issues with the title, subscription fees were delayed for an entire year. Eventually, Square Enix decided to restart the game with Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.


A Realm Reborn is not an expansion pack but a total reboot of XIV's world. Many improvements were brought to the game which will hopefully make it far more successful than its predecessor. The original version was set to release on PS3, but only ever saw PC launch. A Realm Reborn, however, will be the first taste of the game on PS3 later this year.


To celebrate the relaunch, a Collector's Edition is also being made available for PC and PS3 users. It includes the game and additional content disc, soundtrack CD, art cards, account security token, and art book. Of course, a few exclusive DLC mounts and armor also come with it. All together, the Collector's Edition costs $80. If you'd rather skip the frills and just get the standard edition, Final Fantasy XIV will cost $40. It's out on August 27th but if you opt for the more expensive version you'll be granted early access into the game.

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