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Fortnite announces Battle Royale update, PUBG creators allege that it's a ripoff

Jason Clement

Player Unknown's Battlegrounds (aka PUBG) has swept the competitive gaming scene this year to become what is arguably the biggest breakout hit of 2017, so naturally other developers and publishers were going to take notice of the game's design.


Case in point: Epic Games announced a 'Battle Royale' mode for its game Fortnite a few days ago that would essentially use the same premise as PUBG, and the latter's developer, Bluehole, is none too pleased about it. In a press release this morning, Bluehole mentioned that "Fornite may be replicating the experience for which PUBG is known."


While no legal suit has been filed yet, Bluehole appears to be amping up pressure on Epic Games to not go through with the plans for Fortnite Battle Royale. Making this a bit more complicated, PUBG was developed using Unreal Engine 4, which Epic created and owns.


It's not clear what will happen; Bluehole could push for litigation, but it's currently unknown if they could really make a case for there not being another game like PUBG. After all, Bluehole's game is hardly the first time the concept has ever been used in any medium, and entire genres of games have started from one game in the past (see Minecraft and creative sandbox games or Super Mario Bros. and modern platformers).


However, Fortnite Battle Royale is said to have lifted PUBG's mechanic of having a deadly blue wall that shrinks as time progresses, which could be something that Bluehole could use as a defense for their case.


We'll have to wait and see what happens, but this looks to be the first major incident between Bluehole's PUBG and another major game trying to close in on its territory, and something tells me it won't be the last.


Source: Waypoint

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