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Four Classics Now Playable on the Vita through Remote Play

John Kidman

Vita owners can rejoice as Sony unveiled some very welcome news today for their newest handheld endeavor. The God of War Collectionand the Ico & Shadow of Collosus HD Collectionare now playable on the Vita via Remote Play.


Remote Play, a vastly underused feature for the original PSP, allows gamers to connect wirelessly to their home console with Sony's portable gaming device. Playstation 3 owners will need to download a free, minor patch on their home consoles before accessing these classic games on the Vita,


The Remote Play feature will also allow users to access videos, music and photos. However, some of the best news from the entire announcement is that these game patches will allow players to map the L2 and R2 buttons on the Playstation 3 controllers to the rear touch panel of the Vita. It may initially seem negligible, but that option really makes the number of Remote Play titles limitless.

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