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From Software Acquired by Japanese Publisher

Steve Bitto

It has been reported by Siliconera that the developer From Software has been purchased by Japanese publisher Kadokawa. From Software is popular for developing such series as King's Field, Armored Core and Demon's/Dark Souls.


According to a Japanese business report, Kadokawa's acquisition will give them 80% of stock in the developer. The purchase will be completed on May 21, 2014.


The CEO of From Software, Naotoshi Zin, stated, "With a new system, from this point on, I believe we'll be able to make newer and more in depth games." Poor translation aside, this means From Software will have more resources to make better games. With Dark Souls II sitting at 92 on Metacritic, that is an exciting proposition.


Source: Siliconera via Gamebiz

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