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Game Music Bundle 5 Loaded with Indies

Marcus Estrada

The last Game Music Bundle, while awesome, ran into a few issues due to people coming out of the woodwork to claim ownership over classic game soundtracks. Thankfully, this time around that sort of thing isn't apt to happen. The focus of their latest bundle is once again centered around modern indie games.


Level one costs $1 and includes these albums:

  • FEZ Original Soundtrack by Diasterpiece
  • FTL: Faster Than Light - Original Soundtrack by Ben Prunty
  • Gunpoint - The Soundtrack by Various Artists
  • Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded by Austin Wintory
  • Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine by Austin Wintory
  • World of Goo Soundtrack by Kyle Gabler

Level two costs $10 or more:

  • Anodyne by Segaia
  • Anodyne Remix Album by Various Artists
  • Drox Operative Soundtrack by Soldak Entertainment/Tori Kamal
  • Frog Fractions by Various Artists
  • The Forge by Austin Wintory, Malukah, Tina Guo
  • FZ: Side F by Various Artists
  • FZ: Side Z by Various Artists
  • Hero of Many by Trickster Arts
  • Little Inferno Soundtrack by Kyle Gabler
  • Marble Time: Original Soundtrack by Calum Bowen
  • Me and My Dinosaur 2 Official Soundtrack by David Saulseco
  • Monaco: The Gentleman's Private Collection by Various Artists
  • Super Panda Adventures by James Dean

Each soundtrack is available to purchasers in either MP3 or FLAC versions for download. Those who contribute the most money of anyone also get a shot at a prize. Right now, the max purchase price is $50, but that will likely change as time goes on. After all, they are offering goods such as sheet music signed by Austin Wintory.

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