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Gamers Encouraged to Pay Full Price for Indie Games During 'Indiependence Day'

Jason Clement

Chances are that over the past few years, you've noticed the explosion of indie game bundles as well as the general trend that games tend to go on sale pretty quick nowadays. That's good for the gaming consumer, but Dan Adelman has shed some light on some interesting facts regarding this.


Did you know that the average indie developer only makes $12,000 a year? Obviously, no one can live on a salary like that (at least not on their own), so it's not surprising that many have to do it on the side or even just as a hobby.


You might not be surprised to hear that most indie games' sales come from sales as well. The aforementioned bundles as well as Steam's frequent sales have trained gamers to wait for a price that's more to their liking, thus making it harder on many indie developers who are trying to make a living and such.


Of course, we all partake in sales, but if the "race to the bottom" mentality of sales continues, many indie devs will unfortunately not have the financial support needed to continue and may have to depart from development altogether.


In order to help combat this, Dan Adelman and a number of indies are rallying together to not put their games on sale and asking fans to help show their support by purchasing at least one game (if not more) at full price on July 4. Afterwards, you can help further the cause by tweeting about it with the hashtag #IndiependenceDay.


Even if you don't have the money to help out right now, you can help raise awareness about this by tweeting about it. In the meantime, if you can show support by buying a game or two, you can check out a full list of developers that are participating by visiting indiependenceday.org.


Will you be buying any games at full price during Indiependence Day?

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