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Games are a Big Business on Kickstarter

Marcus Estrada

Yesterday Kickstarter shared a very interesting post on their site. According to their many numbers and charts, there have been eleven projects on the site which have passed the million dollar mark. Of the few, seven were games (or game related). This is a huge deal because this means games are the most pledged to projects so far this year.


Games have generated some $50 million so far while the second biggest category, film, has garnered $42 million. Striking about this is that games have never been the head honcho of Kickstarter before. Way back in 2009 games only managed to pick up a little under $50 thousand. It took a while but now games are definitely a big part of the site. In fact, 23% of dollars pledged so far this year have been towards games.


What caused such a big change? The post points to the Double Fine Adventure game, which makes sense considering many gamers discovered Kickstarter through it. Back in March this project was big news for reaching and far surpassing its goal in record time. More recently, the Ouya managed to fund nearly 1000% over what it asked. It seems games definitely have a place on the site and will continue to have a commanding lead in regards to funding for a while.



Have you pledged to any Kickstarter projects? If so what were they? If not, why?

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