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Gamescom 2013: Sonic Lost World Mulitplayer Trailer and Deadly Six Bonus Edition


At Gamescom, Sega released a new trailer for Sonic: Lost World, due out on the Wii U and 3DS in October. This trailer has a focus on the game's multiplater modes, which include a two-player co-op mode and a two-player race mode. The trailer also highlighted Miiverse item sharing, although it wasn't explained in detail. Check out the trailer below:



You might also notice at the end of the trailer the Deadly Six Bonus Edition of Sonic's latest title. The special edition was originally only confirmed for European copies, but the SEGA Blog has also confirmed the bonus edition for a US release. The Deadly Six Edition, which you get by pre-ordering, contains a special level inspired by the title NiGHTS Into Dreams.... Completing the level gives you a new Color Power only usually obtainable via the Miiverse.


Will you pre-order Sonic: Lost World for the Deadly Six Bonus Edition?

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