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GameStick Hits Kickstarter in a Post Ouya World

Marcus Estrada

Sure, the Ouya Android-based home console may have just begun shipping out to developers, but that doesn't mean they're the only game in town. If you had looked at Kickstarter before, there were Android dongles which offered most of the same features minus a proprietary new controller and games outside of the Android's marketplace. Still, the Ouya resonated as being something completely different and the massive amounts of funding it received make this pretty apparent.


Today, the GameStick has launched and it is being touted as "the most portable TV games console ever created" (by the team themselves). Why is it worth comparing to Ouya? First off, the device states that it is "open" as the very first fact. Yes, the Ouya was adored for being hacker friendly and it feels GameStick has decided to run with that mindset as well.


Secondly, it comes with a proprietary controller too. It seems to take on more of a NES style than the oddly-shaped Xbox controller of Ouya. Beyond that it is also implied that the Android marketplace of apps will be accessible through it by default, which is unfortunately not true of Ouya. Apparently they have also been working on the project for over a year. If that's the case though they are probably pretty displeased they didn't get their product page online before the Ouya obsession phase.


Beyond that though, it appears to be more of the same sort of Android dongle that is already on the market (and Kickstarter). However, any project like this that gets attention must now bear the comparison. Ouya units were effectively pre-ordered for $95/99, but will cost a little over that if any people want to buy them later. In comparison, the first purchase tier of the GameStick is $69 (but that tier has already sold out). Their standard price will be $79. The difference in price between the two systems is probably determined by the one main change, which is their processors. Ouya ships with Tegra3 quad-core, while the GameStick is currently using the dual-core Amlogic 8726-MX.



Do you think this project will succeed? If there are too many, will people eventually stop caring about Android TV devices?

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