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GamrCred is Looking to be the Next Big Gaming Social Network

Marcus Estrada

In this day of constant connectedness it seems everyone wants to create the next big social network. There's even a handful of gaming-specific ones, such as Raptr and Playfire, but they're still leaving things to be desired. GamrCred is the newest addition to the gaming network world and builds itself off of existing platforms.


The main focus of the site is to give you the "cred" you deserve as a gamer. What this boils down to is something similar to how Raptr tracks and ranks your gameplay. Playing games for X amount of hours gives you ranks in them which increase until you surpass 50 hours or 90% of achievements. Unlike Raptr though, this isn't the only way you're ranked. Your overall profile is also granted a ranking, or in this case, a "belt" which is meant to showcase to everyone how pro (or not pro) you are.


GamrCred also takes a nod from the Twitter-focused site Klout by ranking your engagement and popularity in social media. So, if you connect your account with your Twitter and Facebook then it'll be on the lookout for how many people care about what you say about video games. Interestingly, this social media interactivity plays a big part (40%) of your overall score as well. While this will be great for some people it will no doubt annoy gamers who don't much care for tweeting.


What's the point of all this? Aside from granting amorphous ranks, the big push seems to be to make sure "credible" voices in gaming are heard. Instead of just seeing the same games being talked about all the time, they want to be able to match titles with users that they actually care about. While this may work currently, it may be tougher to curate truly stand-out voices once the beta opens up. GamrCred is currently in an invite-only beta but it doesn't look to be hard to obtain a key.



Are you interested in GamrCred? Do you want to be a part of any more social gaming sites?

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