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GDC Next Conference Coming to Los Angeles

Marcus Estrada

Although not as exciting to the gaming press as E3 or even PAX, Game Developers Conference (GDC) is always a big deal with the people making games. The main GDC conference takes place in San Francisco, but there has also been an offshoot convention in San Antonio, Texas for a while. That event is titled "GDC Online" and focuses on online and social aspects of gaming. However, this year's Online event in October will be the last.


It was announced today that GDC Online is being transitioned into "GDC Next" which will be taking place in Los Angeles, California. This new show will debut in November of 2013 and in fact be a dual convention. GDC Next and App Developers Conference (ADC) will be going at the same time, as there are lots of people attending who would benefit from both. If an attendee only wants to visit one event though they aren't forced to register for both.


Are you still confused as to what exactly GDC Next is? Here is the pitch:


"GDC Next focuses on what's next in smartphone & tablet, social, independent, cloud and other major forms of games. Whether a designer, programmer, architect, producer, artist, marketer, businessperson or all of the above, the new show will prove vital to making great games and making money in the most vibrant new areas of the game industry."


Both GDC Next and ADC will be taking place on November 5-7th, 2013 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

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