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Giant Bomb's Ryan Davis Has Passed Away

Marcus Estrada

Giant Bomb is one of many gaming sites out there, but one of the few that has managed to craft one around the personalities of site staff. Each member of the crew has their chance to shine and many site members become fans and friends with them. Launched in 2008, Giant Bomb has continued to grow in popularity and still never lose touch with the community that has gotten them there.


Today a post has gone live on the site which simply states one thing. Ryan Davis, 34 years old and newly married, has died. Davis was the co-founder of Giant Bomb alongside Jeff Gerstmann. Despite his high ranking status for the site, he was always around to provide new videos for many Giant Bomb series such as Unprofessional Fridays, Giant Bombcast, and I Love Mondays.


This is a profound loss for the Davis' family, site's staff, community, and the world of gaming journalism in general. We at Game Podunk wish the best for his family and friends and hope for the continued popularity of Giant Bomb for years to come.

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