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GRID 2 Gets a Ridiculous Special Edition

Marcus Estrada

So, we're used to seeing many games get limited/special/collector's editions these days. Sometimes they're very fairly priced, and other times they are a bit too expensive. Some come with a heaping boat load of tangible nonsense, while others simply slap the word "limited" over their case alongside a single piece of pre-order DLC.


What we don't see often (or ever) is a special edition that includes a car. No, not a toy car, or DLC, but an actual car. That's exactly what is supposedly on offer with the GRID 2 BAC Mono Edition through European retailer GAME. Of course, it also comes with a digital rendition of the vehicle in game, as well as racing gear and helmet.


The BAC Mono racecar that comes with this edition is what makes it cost £125,000 ($189,000). In all likelihood, there is only such BAC Mono Edition available, if that. What this serves is a great marketing tool to show the ridiculous divergence between what it costs to have fun with supercars in a video game versus what it would cost to live out that fantasy.



What is the most you would be willing to pay for a special edition?

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