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Grip Games Introducing a Foosball Game for Vita and PS3

Marshall Henderson

It's well-known(ish) fact(ish) that foosball is America's most beloved non-paddle ball, card, or Jenga-based table top game. Fortunately, Grip Games realized this, and has decided to take the favored pastime and put it in PlayStation 3 and Vita format.


Foosball 2012 takes players across 30 locations in the "World Tour" single-player campaign, but obviously it'll be more likely for players to be spending time with the multiplayer function, with both online and local play, and allowing for up to four players.


More interestingly, Foosball 2012 is said to use Move controls with "1:1 movement precision," meaning that having four people would, with the exception of tactile feedback, possibly be a reasonable approximation of the physical game, assuming this is accurate. Also, all the foosball characters have sweet hats. Just sayin'.


Of course, the Move functionality is optional, and players can play with DualShock 3, or the Vita. Hey, why not both? The cross-play option means that buying it for one means players can use either, so no reason not to do that.


The release date is set for the end of Spring, though no exact date is given. Hopefully it doesn't get delayed too much, or that 2012 title won't be as timely as it normally would be...

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