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Groupees Enters the Bundle Fray with Be Mine 6

Marcus Estrada

We're well aware of bundles being launched this month. Practically every big name has theirs running and Groupees is a part of that too. Although their bundle is less frequent, it rarely disappoints. The Be Mine 6 bundle is fairly offbeat this time around, but comes with a good deal of games and music.


A minimum of $1 nets you these games:

  • Ceville (Windows: Steam)
  • Enclave Gold 2012 Edition (Windows)
  • Eschalon: Book I (Windows, Steam)
  • Men of War: Condemned Heroes (Windows: Steam)
  • Paranormal (Windows, Desura)

Along with these games are about an equal amount of digital albums. However, unlike other bundles, they are not the soundtracks from the included games. At this tier, they aren't even game albums at all, but indie music artists.


For $5 or more these additional games are included:

  • Dawn of Fantasy (Windows: Desura, Steam - coming soon)
  • Earth 2160 (Windows: Steam)
  • Gorky 17 (Windows)
  • Two Worlds Epic Edition (Windows: Steam)
  • Worms Reloaded (Windows: Steam)

Then there are a handful of albums available too. In this group you do get music from some of the included games though. These include the Two Worlds soundtrack as well as the one for Dawn of Fantasy. There is currently one more unlockable album to go, but it will definitely make the goal before the bundle ends. There are seven days left on the Be Mine 6 bundle, so give it a look if you're not yet exhausted by vast bundle choices.

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