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Hatoful Boyfriend Sequel is Now Available for Download


The only pigeon dating sim out there now has a holiday-themed sequel! Wait... There's a pigeon dating sim?!


Yes, the original Hatoful Boyfriend (which released for Valentine's Day last year) allows you to interact with and date pigeons and other birds as a human female at St. PigeoNation's Academy. It sounds absolutely silly and idiotic, but the game actually does feature some story and heart-touching moments.


This newly released sequel, Hatoful Boyfriend Holiday Star, expands upon the original game's characters and setting even further as you experience a winter at the St. PigeoNation Academy.


If anybirdie is interested in purchasing this fine feathered game, it's available at DLsite for the low price of $4.84. If you would like to try out the demo first, you can download it from the official Hatoful Boyfriend website.

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