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Here's Some Exciting News Regarding Zero Escape Volume 3

Jordan Haygood

There were a plethora of surprise announcements before, during, and after E3 last month, as you probably already know. But here's one announcement this gamer (*points at self*) was not expecting, and one that he honestly could not be happier about: The announcement of Zero Escape Volume 3. That's right, the sequel to both 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors and Virtue's Last Reward was officially confirmed to have entered development at the Aksys Games Panel at Anime Expo in LA earlier today.


The developers are shooting for a Summer 2016 release, and the planned platforms for Zero Escape 3 are both the 3DS and Vita, just like with Virtue's Last Reward. Furthermore, both the Japanese and Western versions will be produced simultaneously, so we thankfully won't have to wait for a localization. Watch the announcement below:





On a scale from Zero to 999, how excited are you for Zero Escape Volume 3?

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