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Hideo Baba heading up new studio and project for Square Enix

Jason Clement

If you're a fan of Namco's Tales of series, you're likely familiar with series producer Hideo Baba, who had been directing the course of the franchise for years prior. Baba is now embarking on an entirely new venture with Square Enix as he heads up a new development studio called Studio Istolia.


The new studio was created in unison with Square Enix Group's new objective of creating new IP alongside the existing studios. Their first project has been announced as Project Prelude Rune and Baba has mentioned that it will be a 'straightforward, middle-fantasy RPG' with various races, Norse mythology, and more.


Project Prelude Rune appears to be in early development at this point and no platforms have been announced either, though Baba has mentioned that he would like to stick with stationary consoles. More info on the game will be announced at a later date.


Source: Siliconera, Gematsu


What are your thoughts on Hideo Baba leaving the Tales of series and Namco behind to head up this new studio with Square Enix?

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