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Hilarious Game QWOP Now Available on Android

Marcus Estrada

Have you ever played QWOP? The browser-based game may look like a simple Olympic-themed game at first glance but changes to diabolically difficult as soon as you start to play. Using the keys Q, W, O, P, you are meant to move the runner's legs independently based on the muscles the buttons are tied to. As you might expect, it results in a lot of failure.


Watching the red-suited runner continually crumble under his player's incompetence is simply funny and now Android users can get a taste of this on the go. QWOP came out the Google Play Store this week and invites everyone to give it a go.


The biggest change in the port is that it now features upgraded visuals. Instead of using keyboard input, it now has the limbs tied to touch controls but it still appears quite tough. Pick QWOP up if you feel like making you friends laugh in line or whatever proves to be a good time to whip out some Android device.

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