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Homeworld 3 Kickstarter Being Refunded

Marcus Estrada

We've all seen a great many Kickstarters succeed and fail over the past year or two. Sometimes they get loads of money over their initial cost, and other times they fail spectacularly. Sometimes though there are projects that are funded but then run into serious issues along the way. Homeworld 3 is, unluckily, one such project.


Back in March, the Homeworld Touch and Homeworld 3 Kickstarter was successfully funded over its $50,000 goal. The reason their goal was so high was due to the fact that TeamPixel did not own the Homeworld IP! They strove to be funded enough so they could win the IP in the THQ auction.


The developers were able to enter into the bidding, but simply couldn't raise bids higher than their maximum, which other interested bidders did. As such, they lost the auction and cannot sell their two Homeworld games. Thankfully, the money is all being returned to funders (as was stated while the Kickstarter was live). Really though, they should have been aware they weren't likely to win an IP so easily.

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