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Hotline Miami 2 Announced

Marcus Estrada

Last month, Hotline Miami came out and garnered a quick following. Even our review praised the title heavily. The 80s-styled indie game drew a lot of attention before release (due to creative trailers) and has continued to be a popular title, despite technical issues. Although the developer has barely had time to deal with the release of the game, he has now announced that a sequel to Hotline Miami is coming.


Developer Jonatan Söderström simply remarked via Twitter that he was listening to the "preliminary soundtrack of Hotline Miami 2." From that, Eurogamer took the time to ask him if this meant there was a sequel already in the works. He confirmed and said this:


"We've barely begun working on it though, still got things we need to patch with the first game, so that's the main priority right now."


If you've been keeping track of the developer then you might remember that they were said to have been working on DLC. It was announced said DLC would probably be longer than the actual game. This was the main factor which helped transition the DLC idea into a completely new game instead. Whenever more tangible information comes out about Hotline Miami 2 we'll be sure to report it.

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