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I Am Alive Making Of Video Appears

Marcus Estrada

I Am Alive is one game that almost was starting to look like vaporware. It was first heard of in 2008 and from there quickly went into hiding. At some point, the original developers, Darkworks, passed the game over to Ubisoft Shanghai. From there the game was still left mostly in the darkness until recently. Finally the game was announced as coming out as a digital download which had never been a part of the discussion before.


The recently released developer diary video helps us to remember what exactly the game was supposed to be about. Check it out:


Thankfully, the game still seems to be mostly what it was announced as being a few years back. It's still a survival game. Now we're getting more information about it though, such as the fact that about 90% of the human race is gone. You travel through the rubble of civilization hoping to find other people. Once you find some people though it's quickly realized that not everyone welcomes you with open arms.


I Am Alive will be out on March 7th for XBLA. A PSN/SEN date is still up in the air but coming soon.

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