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In Nefarious, you play as the boss fighting against heroes

Jason Clement

Starblade's upcoming title Nefarious isn't the first game to have you play as a purported evil character or antagonist, but it definitely has one of the most unique hooks out of any game that's used the setting so far.


The title began with the simple idea to invert a traditional gaming trope. That is, what if the player was the one who was doing the kidnapping of the princess?


You'll be doing exactly that in Nefarious as you attempt to kindap five princess from different kingdoms who will change the gameplay in various ways. And beyond the 2D action platforming, you also get to experience boss fights from the other side as you take the hurt to heroes in fights that parody classic boss battles from gaming history.


Nefarious is planned for release on January 23 on Steam (PC/Mac). A Wii U release was mentioned in the game's initial Kickstarter, but it's currently unclear if or when it will happen.


You can check out the game's newest trailer showcasing boss fights below.



Are you interested in checking out Nefarious when it releases?

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