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Indie Fighting Game Vanguard Princess Available Now

Marcus Estrada

It may not have as big a following as other fighting games, but Vanguard Princess has had a group of players since it initially released in Japan back in 2009. The game itself is most notable thanks to being developed by an ex-Capcom employee as well as high quality sprite art for characters.


Although fighters don't usually need translation to be played, an English version is now available. Vanguard Princess is part of that all-female cast niche of fighters. The 2D game features 10 playable characters and two main modes (Story and Versus). While the original Japanese version was free, eigoMANGA are asking for $5 for the English version.


Vanguard Princess is available on Amazon and GamersGate as a digital download. If you're interested in playing other Japanese doujin (indie) games then take a look at Nyu Media or Playism's catalog. Unlike Vanguard Princess, many of their titles are even playable on Steam. As of right now, eigoMANGA aren't pushing for Steam release.


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