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Indie Horror Game Among the Sleep Seeks Kickstarter Funding

Marcus Estrada

Yes, Kickstarter projects are everywhere these days, but that doesn't stop more from being posted. Despite the relative saturation of the platform, some of the most exciting projects manage to move past them and get funded. Among the Sleep is the latest game hoping to get funded.


Previously, development on the game had been ongoing. It was showcased at a few events and even made it onto our list of five upcoming horror games worth looking into. The concepts presented a first person game played through the eyes of a two year old child. Things were definitely seeming creepy, and worth being excited about.


What do Krillbite Studios require Kickstarter for? They've got the core gameplay mechanics completed but now have to work on all the rest. Creating a polished game around the play is going to take a great deal more work. As each member works only part time for the Studio, it will take a much longer time to complete without any external funding.


Among the Sleep's Kickstarter is asking for $200,000. At $15 you can get a digital copy of the game once it's out. $25 backers get the game as well as the soundtrack in digital format. Those who desire a boxed copy of the game have to pay into the $150 tier. If you've never seen the game before, then definitely check out the gameplay teaser:


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