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Indie Royale Brings Games Never Before Seen in Bundles

Marcus Estrada

When you're dedicated to checking out indie bundles, the trend eventually develops that a lot of games have been seen before. If not that, then some bundles seem to be full of titles, but only one or two are actually interesting to you. It's tough work to make a truly appealing bundle but it isn't impossible to make one with games bundle lovers haven't seen before.


That's exactly what Indie Royale is trying to do with The Evolved Bundle. The usual five games are included but they are all names unfamiliar to the bundle scene:

  • Krater (Windows: Steam)
  • OIO (Windows, Desura)
  • The Path (Windows, Mac, Desura, Steam)
  • Sugar Cube: Bittersweet Factory (Windows, Desura, Steam)
  • Unmechanical (Windows, Desura, Steam)

With a (currently) $5.50 purchase you will also be able to grab some extras connected to the games. Some DLC for Krater is included, as well as soundtracks to The Path and Sugar Cube: Bittersweet Factory. Then there is the standard $8 tier which adds in an indie artist's album. This time it is Slipstream by CoLD SToRAGE.


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