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Indie RPG 99 Spirits Now Available

Marcus Estrada

In our neck of the woods, we tend to call independently developed titles "indie". If you look to Japan which has also had a thriving indie game community, they tend to call their work "doujin" titles. Regardless of the name, great content comes out of all regions and deserves attention.


One doujin game by the name of 99 Spirits has just launched. The RPG revolves around the Japanese folklore of Tsukumogami. Although there are a lot of standard RPG trappings, it is the battle system which sets the game apart from others. Players must discern the names of the enemies so they can recognize, and therefore demolish them in the proper way.


99 Spirits can be purchased on either the official website or Rice Digital, which is an international doujin storefront. Via the latter, both a regular ($20) and deluxe edition ($26) are available. Deluxe comes with the soundtrack as well as a Japanese/English dual language option.


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