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Angry Birds 2 Is Coming

Jason Clement

It's finally coming. Six years after the worldwide phenomenon known kicked off in 2009, Angry Birds is finally getting a sequel. Rovio is planning to give more details on the game on July 28 in San Francisco, but in the meantime, a teaser poster promises that it'll be "Bigger, Badder, and Birdier."


While Rovio has released licensed spin-offs based on Star Wars and Transformers, I'm not exactly sure what took so long for them to release an actual sequel, especially seeing as their business hinges on the continued success and progression of the series.


However, one reason they may be especially eager to get a sequel out now versus later could be because Rovio saw profits drop by 73% in 2014, according to IGN. Will a sequel restore peoples' excitement for the series? We'll find out more when they talk details on the 28th.


Source: IGN


Are you interested in an Angry Birds sequel?

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