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Animal Crossing Meets Zelda in Upcoming iOS Game Seabeard

Jason Clement

There have been games that were similar in concept to Animal Crossing and The Legend of Zelda in the past, but none that ever quite matched or even approached what Nintendo managed to do with those two series. But if developer HandCircus has its way, they might just succeed at combining the two together to create something entirely new.


The art style in Seabeard is unabashedly similar to Animal Crossing, mixed with a bit of Wind Waker to boot, and like the latter mentioned game, you're given an ocean full of islands to discover and surprises to uncover. In addition to meeting new characters and performing activities such as sailing, fishing, combat, and cooking, you'll also recruit a crew in the process in order to help you in dungeons and the like as you ultimately work to revive a legendary trading capital.


It's an ambitious title for sure, and if Seabeard pulls it off, it could potentially be the next big game on iOS. In the meantime, HandCircus is set to demo the game soon at GDC 2014, so stay tuned for more info.



Source: Hand Circus


Would you be interested in playing Seabeard?

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