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Fantasy Life 2 is a Mobile Game, Skipping 3DS

Jonathan Higgins

Remember when I hyped Level-5 Vision 2015 event because they promised news of a new Fantasy Life game? The presentation took place this morning, and sure enough: Fantasy Life 2: Two Moons And The Village of God is a thing. Unfortunately, it's not headed for the 3DS like the original game. Seems it will be exclusive to mobile devices!


The game both similar and different from its predecessor. It's different insofar as the story focuses more on village-building, like a Sim game. You can collect villagers, and you'll have plenty of room to build things. It's similar in that...characters from the first game return, and the fields and world outside the village are the exact same as the first game, except on smartphone devices.




Fantasy Life 2: Two Moons And The Village of God is headed to Japan this summer. It's visually familiar, and features some of the same locales and characters, but its new Sim-like premise is what warrants this new game, new platform, and new direction.


Source: Siliconera


Are you happy or sad about the Fantasy Life 2 reveal? Be sure to let us know!

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