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Pokémon GO Announced For iOS and Android Devices, Coming in 2016

Jonathan Higgins

The Pokémon video games have always used real-world locations as inspiration for its settings. Kanto isn“t just the region from the first games; it“s an actual place in Japan. And I“ve talked at length about how the Unova region borrows elements from both New York City and L.A., at times. Earlier this morning, in a press conference outlining “new business strategies”, the Pokémon Company and new partners Niantic, Inc. officially announced Pokémon GO for iOs and Android devices.



This new collaboration will effectively bring Pokémon to the real world by way of mobile platforms. Players will be able to catch and battle Pokémon found in their neighborhoods and anywhere conceivable, across the entire world. Junichi Masuda, director of the Pokémon video games, will be involved in these efforts. He“ll be thinking of ways to make the game as fun as it possibly can be, as well as “thinking of ways to connect this project with the main series of Pokémon video games”. Pokémon GO will be free-to-play, but it“ll have in-app purchases.




If you“re looking to get the most you can from Pokémon GO, there is also a unique device coming dubbed Pokémon GO Plus. Thanks to Bluetooth technology, folks need just press a button to catch Pokémon, without the need to even look at their smart phones. Flashing and rumbling from the device will alert them when Pokémon are nearby in the real world.


And there we have it. The concept envisioned by Pokémon GO creators spins an entirely new thread in the Pokémon world--augmented reality, and encouraging players to explore their own world. We“ll offer more information as it comes, but in the meantime--here“s the

where the game was announced, including words from Miyamoto and key developers. The presentation was simulcast and the official Pokémon Twitter already gave word of it, so--seems the entire world will get to play when it releases in 2016.


Are you excited for Pokémon GO? Do you have any concerns about this new direction for the series? Be sure to let us know!

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