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Pokemon GO had record-breaking sales in its first month

Jason Clement

If you've been following the Pokemon GO craze over the past month, it might not surprise you that Niantic's mobile game has done very well. Crazy well, in fact.


The official report is that Pokemon GO has grossed a record-breaking 200 million dollars in the 31 days since it first released in North America. Niantic is still in the process of rolling the game out in other regions around the globe as we speak, so there's much more room for sales to grow.


To put things in perspective, popular mobile game Candy Crush Saga made $25 million in its first month, and Clash of Clans made just under five times that much in the same period. In addition, the latter game's developer, Supercell, posted sales of $2.3 billion over the last year, so one can only imagine how much Niantic will make if Pokemon GO holds up among mobile players throughout the year.


So hats off to Pokemon GO; now we wait and see what's next in store for the ultra popular app.


Source: Destructoid


Are you surprised that Pokemon GO has made as much money as it has in the last month? Do you think it'll make even more in the next month?

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