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Terra Battle's Official Website is Live

Jonathan Higgins

Information has been scarce regarding Terra Battle, the new mobile game from Mistwalker. But earlier this morning, the official website (in English!) and corresponding Social Media were officially launched!


This new website has a ton of new content, including information about the game“s story/characters, a detailed explanation of the game“s battle system, new music from Nobuo Uematsu, further details regarding the game“s Download Starter that I mentioned here, and even a gameplay trailer (seen below)!


The game“s story concerns a land headed for destruction, as three races (humans, LizardFolk and BeastFolk) gather together on a journey to discover the mysteries surrounding The Maker. Each race has its own language concerning The Maker; I“ll bet the story will explore tensions between the various races as things come to light.


The goal of battle is to flank your enemies by moving your characters freely across a grid. You set up combos by strategically aligning your characters for devastating attacks. There seem to be all sorts of variants to mix up battling by way of changing job classes. The game mentions there are many enemies to face and “hundreds of maps to explore”.


One last thing I“ll mention: the website“s “News” section mentions a pre-registration that can be completed by following the official Terra Battle Twitter Account. When the game is released, they“ll tweet a serial code that can be redeemed for 5 Energy (the game“s paid currency) in Terra Battle.


So there you have it! Feast your eyes on the first official gameplay trailer for Terra Battle, and be sure to visit the website for even more information!


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