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Irrational Games Confirms Complete Removal of Bioshock Infinite Multiplayer

John Kidman

Bioshock Infinite may have its release date pushed back to February 2013, but that will not stop Irrational Games from dropping a bit of news from Columbia just before the holidays. Bioshock“s Creative Director, Ken Levine, confirmed via twitter that the upcoming AAA title will not include a multiplayer mode, confirming the rumor from earlier this year. Irrational Games briefly discussed Bioshock Infinite multiplayer modes in 2010, but the studio quickly nixed a few modes because they simply did not live up to the company“s standards.


The removal of the multiplayer modes will undoubtedly polarize the franchise“s fans. Although most fans will be celebrating the fact that the developer“s focus will remain on the single player campaign, players who genuinely enjoyed Bioshock 2“s multiplayer action may feel a bit differently.


What is your stance regarding the complete removal of multiplayer? Is this a good move for Irrational Games?

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