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Is Valve Going to Make a Megas XLR Game?


Without getting too overly excited, a few very interesting tweets have appeared over on @chrisprynoski's Twitter account. Don't know who Chris Prynoski is? Well then shame on you. But I'll fill you in on the details anyway.


Chris has worked with his crew over at the Titmouse studios on shows such as Superjail, Afro Samurai, Metalocalypse and of course, Megas XLR (just to name a few) That Megas XLR is the important one here due to these following tweets.




Now of course that doesn't confirm anything at all, but it does implant the idea that things are certainly brewing somewhere. And if anything is actually brewing with Valve, then you know that any brew that could be brewed would be brewed most awesomely. So I have one thing to ask you.


Do you dig giant robots? It certainly seems that Gabe Newell digs giant robots. Seriously, this is the first time I've seen him smiling in a photo.



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