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Joe Danger 1 and 2 Coming to Steam with Added Features

Marcus Estrada

Hello Games have had a successful run with their Joe Danger franchise so far. Both the original and Joe Danger 2: The Movie were welcomed by PSN and XBLA users. However, anyone on a PC could not take a look at either title. Today the developer has revealed they're bringing both games to PC via Steam.


For having to wait years, the PC versions are seeing a great deal of additions. There is new content such as levels, but that is just the beginning. The in-game level editor has been updated with all the various features Hello Games actually used to craft their games. This fully-featured editor is also supported by Steam Workshop which means players can show off their best levels to others easily.


Other features added include being able to race against your recorded ghost, full support for Steam's Big Picture mode, and some other goodies that have yet to be revealed. No date was specified for launch, but hopefully Joe Danger and Joe Danger 2 will be available for Steam users sooner rather than later.

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