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Kentucky Route Zero "Demo" Out Now

Marcus Estrada

If you're a fan of indie games then you have probably heard of the recently-released Kentucky Route Zero. So far, it has received a lot of positive attention both in the gaming community and by the Indie Game Festival. As an IGF finalist, Kentucky Route Zero even has a free pass to Steam (no Greenlight necessary), although it's not available there yet.


So how can you get a taste of what the game has to offer without paying full price? Developer Cardboard Computers released a small "demo" for the game titled Limits and Demonstrations. Demo is not the right word because it doesn't take any scenes from currently released Act 1. Instead, the brief experience gives players a taste of the narrative and visual styling of the game.


Those who have older computers should definitely check out the demo. If this runs on your machine, then Kentucky Route Zero should also be fine. If you've already played Act 1 then there still may be something for you here. Cardboard Computers tweeted that Limits and Demonstrations is "directly related" to upcoming plot points and also includes "small details" in regards to Act 1.

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