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Kickstarter-Backed Strike Suit Zero Hits Steam

Marcus Estrada

Just last November, the Kickstarter funding for a game called Strike Suit Zero was successful. Raising over $100,000, developers Born Ready Games were ready to finish their game. As they had already put work into the title, backers weren't forced to wait over a year to get a taste of the game. Today, a day before its own launch date, Strike Suit Zero has landed on Steam.


The game is of the space combat genre which is fairly neglected these days. It also happens to feature some impressive polygonal visuals for indie naysayers tired of pixel-looking worlds. Beyond that, there are also extras added thanks to surpassing their initial Kickstarter goal such as mod tools and an eventual release for Mac and Linux machines. Oculus Rift support is also on the table whenever that item is available.


The game is currently 20% off on Steam during its debut week. If you don't want it on Steam then it is also on Green Man Gaming and GamersGate (neither is discounted though). GOG will be getting the game as well shortly. Those who need to take a look at the game before plopping down some funds should view the release trailer here:


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