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Kickstarter Success The Banner Saga Brings Factions to Steam

Marcus Estrada

Kickstarter has seen many gaming-based successes launch from its platform. One such game was The Banner Saga which was funded 700% over the $100,000 requirement. This turn-based RPG with hand-drawn visuals drew in many fans in March and April of last year, when the campaign ran. Now, the team have released The Banner Saga: Factions on Steam.


This requires a bit of clarification though. The full game that Kickstarter funded is a single player experience with an apparently mature narrative. What then is Factions? It is a free-to-play multiplayer only game which uses the same combat engine as The Banner Saga. As it's free to play, no one should feel ripped off as the team continues to work on their main single player game.


What is the point of this if not tons more money? As this project features the current SRPG gameplay in full it should work as an open beta would. Players will experience turn-based gameplay and work out what parts should probably be fixed or otherwise tweaked. The Banner Saga (not Factions) still has no release date.

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