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Killer is Dead Trailer Slashes Up Competition

Marcus Estrada

Just yesterday, Famitsu revealed information as well as screenshots for Grasshopper Manufacture's upcoming project Killer is Dead. As part of this sudden swarm of attention, they also released the game's first trailer to the public. Thankfully, it is more of a trailer than teaser (meaning you see some gameplay).


So far, the game looks to be in keeping with the hyper-violent nature of Grasshopper Manufacture's other popular titles (No More Heroes, Lollipop Chainsaw). Something about it also hearkens back to Killer7 as well, but overall it appears to be promoting itself as a bombastic, bloody experience. The trailer is risque in regards to sexual and violent content, so keep that in mind before choosing to play the video.


Killer is Dead has no Western publisher attached to it yet, but was previously noted as having a worldwide release. The game is expected to launch in Japan this summer.


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