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Kolin is the next character joining Street Fighter V's roster

Jason Clement

Today Capcom has announced that the next character coming to Street Fighter V would be Kolin, a female Illuminati operative who originally appeared in Street Fighter III: New Generation as an NPC who served as Gill's assistant. She also previously appeared under the name "Helen" in Charlie Nash's story in Street Fighter V.


Kolin utilizes the Russian martial art Systema and incorporates ice into her different attacks. Her story will offer a glimpse into her backstory and how she became involved with Gill and why she hates Shadaloo.


She's scheduled for release on February 28 on PS4 and PC though fans will be able to preview her early at the Lupe Fiasco Drogas Light Album Launch Party on February 15.


In the meantime, check out her reveal trailer below.



Source: Press Release


What are your thoughts on Kolin as Street Fighter V's next character?

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