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Majesco is no longer a video game publisher

Jason Clement

Remember Majesco? They'd mostly been known over the years for publishing the Bloodrayne and Cooking Mama series as well as a remake of A Boy and His Blob (which just received a remastered port that we reviewed earlier this year) and various other licensed titles. In any case, the company recently merged with a biotech firm called PolarityTE and has thus exited the entertainment industry as a whole.


Why the exit? Because the last half-decade or so hasn't been too kind to Majesco from a financial standpoint; the company has struggled to find its niche after the Wii ran its course. And ever since, Majesco had tried to reinvent itself, even creating its own indie label called 'Midnight City' and publishing certain prominent indie games like Gone Home on consoles and Double Fine's Costume Quest 2.


In any case, the merger is a strange one as it isn't readily clear or apparent what a Biotech company like PolarityTE stands to gain from merging with an entertainment company, but you can now count one more video game publisher out of the industry, sadly.


Source: Polygon


Are you surprised to hear that Majesco is no longer publishing video games?

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