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Adam Orth Has Left Microsoft

Marcus Estrada

If you aren't familiar with the name Adam Orth then you're not alone. Until recently he was not a big name in the world of Microsoft. He managed to get his unwanted moment in the spotlight when sharing his opinion about "always online" consoles on his official Twitter account. This caused all sorts of controversy.


Game Informer has since spoken with Microsoft and found that Orth no longer works there. These unnamed sources were unable to give the nature of Orth's departure. Did he leave of his own accord or was he unceremoniously fired? This is one tantalizing question that is never likely to be answered (unless he chooses to vent on his Twitter page again).


Hopefully this is a lesson to all professionals on Twitter to recognize that spreading their word to thousands of viewers may have repercussions on them later. Some may debate whether a rude Twitter post constitutes a firing or not, but that is up to the discretion of companies themselves.

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